donderdag 16 september 2010

Everything that I wanted was somebody to love me. I wanted a true love ,even with all my mistakes, my bad mood and the crazy things that I do. And for this ,I've bet on you. I've bet that you would make things right, that you would love me, give me flowers, and kiss me, even when your friends were with us. But you dissapointed me, because not even one of these things happened. In fact, just a love would be enough for me; a kiss and a hug, and nothing else. I tried to forget you ,and for a while I thought that I had.. but when I saw you, I knew that I hadn't. I wanted to stay strong and I wished I could stay with you without crying, but this wish hasn't come true, as all the others that I had with you. I wanted to be strong enough to hide my pain. Now, I just see that it was not your fault. You're so immature and I shouldn't let myself think that you could be different. I'm still looking for my true love and for this, I ask you: Please, just leave me alone, because I need this to keep going on with my life. I need peace and love.. I need happiness. Go away, so I can make sure that it's not you ,so I can try to be happy. As if I really could be happy without you....

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