vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

My day #1

Today I went to Leiden to go to Corpus, that's a sort off museum about the human body. It was kinda interesting but there wasn't much to do. So after an hour of being guided, we went back home. (we = my parents, brother and I). And yeah, that wasn't much fun, because there was an huge traffic jam so we had a delay of eh, an hour I think. But now the fun part: when I've got nothing to do, I'm going to watch people who sit in the car next to our car. And guess what! I saw Derek Ogilvie! Yeah I'm serious right now. I waved and he waved back hahaha! He's so awesome :). And now I'm bored again, ugh I hate being bored. I miss Koen, he's in Austria right now, on a holiday with his uncle, aunt, cousin and his little brother. So I can't see him for two whole weeks! *lives in hell*. I can't take it any longer! :( Oh btw! I've got a beautiful picture of a fly! *giggles*. It's made by me. And no, it's not arrogant that I say it's a beautiful picture ,just because I made it by myself. I don't think the quality is very well on the internet, but it's made with my lovely Nikon! <3. xoxo.

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